Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffer installation

Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffer installation this week at Berwick Area School District / Thompson Run. This much needed buffer consisted of 3 planting zones which include large mast trees along the streambank which will stabilize the bank, shade the water, add organic matter to the stream to create a healthier waterway/ aquatic ecosystem. Zone 2 consists of native and domestic fruit and nut producing trees and shrubs such as common apple, blueberry, hazelnut. Zone 3 is a native herbaceous meadow. Not only does this buffer provide a great asset to the students and community, it also will create more stormwater infiltration as well as reduced mowing maintenance for the district by 3.8 acres. This project was funded by grants from PA Infrastructure Investment Authority – PENNVEST administered by Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and in partnership with Native Creations Landscape Services and Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy

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