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Is your business looking to install a new landscape or update an existing one to a lower maintenance landscape? 

Is your business going green? Are there stormwater requirements associated for your business?

Could your business benefit from a reduced annual mowing cost by converting lawns to meadows, prairies, or reforestation?

Then contact us for your project needs.

Project Designs and installations
for new construction and landscape renovations:

Additional Commercial Services:

Landscape Design Consultations

Already have a design?  Let us pick the right native substitutes for your project

Project Planning & designs

Plant Material sourcing

Landscape Maintenance

Maintain your landscapes and hire professionals that are well versed in pruning, plant health, and premium ground layer materials

We install “green mulch” (using native groundcovers vs mulch) which reduces annual maintenance costs

Project Design
& Site Assessments

Creating a master plan for your project allows you to get a bird’s-eye view of your new landscaping. From a practical perspective, it allows our landscaping team to consider important factors in your project such as site structure, function, protection of resources, and the growth needs of the plants.

Commercial Snow
& Ice Management

Reliable services & round the clock attention

The right equipment and operators

Fully insured

The Smart Choice For Landscaping Your Business

The outside of your office, store or facility says a lot about your business. Creating an inviting space is important but there are many other opportunities say more about what's important to you. Supporting the community also means supporting and protecting the ecosystem. NATIVE PLANTS don't damage the environment and also support local wildlife.

From a cost savings standpoint, choosing Native Creations Landscape Services is a really smart choice. Our landscape designs help reduce maintenance and utility costs.

For Your Business. For The Community.

Native Creations Landscape Service Logo

Snow & Ice Management

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Commercial Services

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