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Can your home benefit from conservation landscape techniques? Everyone’s can.

Would your property benefit from multifunctional, ecologically beneficial, sustainable, low maintenance, landscape which provides four season interest?

Project Designs and installations
for new construction and landscape renovations:

Additional residential services:

Landscape Consultations
for the DIY homeowner

Project Planning & designs

Plant Material sourcing


Maintain your landscaping and hire professionals that are well versed in pruning, plant health, and premium ground layer materials

Project Design &
Site Assessments

There is a professional consultation fee for project assessments and plans. This fee covers a maximum 1 hour onsite assessment, travel, and provides an emailed plan.  Design costs are project dependent.  

The Smart Choice For Landscaping Your Home

There are many reasons why working with Native Creations Landscaping is the smart choice. Our knowledge of NATIVE PLANTS will bring year round beauty to your home. Native plants are at home where you live so they are used to thriving in your climate. You can feel good that they are not invasive and will not destroy the ecosystem.

Our design team will create a plan that will bring year round beauty but also reduce maintenance and provide long-term cost savings.

For You. For Wildlife. For The Community.


Native plants provide shelter/food and attract pollinators. Landscaping with native plants supports the ecosystems of native insects, birds and mammals.

A mulch bed with plants


Using native plants reduces maintenance over the long run. While native plants are not maintenance-free, if they are placed in the landscape based on their preferred conditions, they require less care than non-native species.


Native plants allow for less watering. Water conservation, that is, once plants are established in the right place, no need for supplemental watering.

Newly laid stone


Native plants are much better suited for your location and can maintain their beauty year-round as opposed to exotic plants that are not suited for your climate.

People looking into a creek while passing through weeds


Native plants sequester, or remove, carbon from the air. Native plants provide shelter and food for wildlife. Native plants promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage. Native plants are beautiful and increase scenic values!


Residential Landscape Services​

Professional, Earth friendly services for your home. 

  • Project Planning & Installation
  • Cleanup and Maintenance
  • Brush Removal

Rain Gardens & Bioswales

While similar, there is one significant difference between Rain Gardens and Bioswales.  Rain Gardens are used to capture and temporarily store rainwater.  Bioswales, on the other hand, are designed to slow down rainwater by means of a curved or linear path.

  • Rain Gardens are typically planted with tougher, deep-rooted plants that allow for the improvement of the soil’s ability to soak up water, temporarily holding and filtering the water as it slowly infiltrates deeper into the soil;
  • Bioswales are essentially a narrower version of a rain garden which allows the water to move more swiftly to another part of the garden (typically a rain garden), or to move the water to an existing drainage, and/or storm water system.
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