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Conservation Landscape Project Designer / Estimator

Over the past 8 years, Native Creations has seen an extensive increase in our sales, workload, and coverage area. With this trend, we have a need to fill positions on our team. This work would include, but not limited to, Sales, designs of landscape and conservation projects. Native Creations Landscape Services, Inc. is the largest implementer of lawn conversion projects within Pennsylvania, as well as the first dedicated Conservation Landscape company in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania.

At times, you may be required to conduct physical labor associated with project installations, working with snow removal aspects, as well as, project and team management as you grow with the company.


Looking for a motivated and creative person to join our team as a Project Designer and
Estimator for Conservation Landscape projects (residential and commercial). This position is a full-time Professional Duties include, but are not limited to:
- Sales / Designs / project estimating
- Schedule and meet with existing and prospective clients for project assessments
- Design projects through AutoCAD or other design software
- Build quotes / estimates / proposals for clients
- Conduct project outreach and client networking
- Secure associated materials for projects
- Project Layout:
- Have an understanding of the projects we carry out and the methods used to
implement all project tasks carried out by Native Creations Landscape Services.
- At times, you may be asked to assist in and / or lead on layout of landscape and
conservation projects alike
- Client / Colleague Networking:
- Meet and greets
- Attend, socialize, and promote the company when requested
- Communicate with clients, colleagues, vendors, and interested public in a professional manner
- Communicate with other management when necessary regarding interactions
with clients, colleagues, and general public
- Promote / show pride in the work accomplished by the company


Some of the attributes required for the position require, but are not limited to the following:
- Background / Degree in Landscape Architecture, Design, or related field / experience
- Knowledge of plants, specifically plants native to Pennsylvania
- Ability to work both independently, and in a group setting
- Effective communication skills
- Leadership capabilities
- Team oriented
- Positive personality
- Good hygiene
- Strong personal responsibility / Accountability skills
- Promote others to do well
- Determination / goal oriented
- Ability to teach acquired and learned skills
- Sense of professionalism
- Open to new techniques / methods
- Be teachable, as well as, be the teacher
- Be a productive oriented person
Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP):
- In addition to company guidelines, this position requires the Conservation Manager to
follow the Professional Code of Conduct set forth by the Chesapeake Bay Landscape
Council. After 1 year of continued employment, the candidate will be encouraged to
attend, pass, and complete the CBLP Level 1 Category, then the CBLP 2 - Design
Category. These classes will be paid for by the company

Job Benefits

-Starting wage to be determined based on experience. This will be a salary position* with competitive benefits.
(*) This is a salary position. Raises will be considered based on personal performance, company performance, and annual cost of living adjustment (COLA). Interested Candidates can reach out to Justin Ulanoski

Cover letters and resumes can be sent to:

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Job Location
Berwick, PA
Base Salary
€Based on experience-€Based on performance
Date posted
August 31, 2022
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