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We are a residential and commercial landscape company dedicated to promoting the use of native plants in PA landscapes. 

Serving the Lehigh Valley to Wyoming Valley, Poconos to Happy Valley and the Northern Tier.

We have spent years working to control invasive plant species throughout Pennsylvania and observing the effect these plants can have on the ecosystem as a whole, With over a decade of experience working primarily with native trees, shrubs, and flora; plants naturally found throughout the landscapes of Pennsylvania, and the implementation of thousands of acres of reforested natural landscapes, Native Creations has created a niche in the landscape industry dedicated to bringing native plants into residential, commercial and conservation projects creating a better, natural landscape for the customer and neighboring ecosystems.
Native plants are plants indigenous to a given area in geologic time. This includes plants that have developed, occur naturally, or existed for many years in an area (trees, flowers, grasses, and other plants).
Many of the invasive plant species found in natural areas are “escapees” from nearby landscapes. Commonly used exotic, ornamental, or non-native plants have a tendency to spread / escape into the wild. Since these plants are not part of our existing landscape, they tend not to have any form of natural control, thus, taking over areas once occupied by native plants. This displaces wildlife and insects which once thrived on the existing plants.
The more non-native plants that move into a natural area, the more it hinders the function of the ecosystem.

Planting natives has many
benefits to the customer:

• Require less to no fertilization
• Easy Care
• Acclimated to/already existing in our climate zone
• Pest and disease resistant
• Greater success rate
• Many species are browse tolerant
• Great selection of seasonal colors
• Multifunctional landscapes
• Many Native Plants are hypoallergenic

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Certified applicator with the Pennsylvania Department Of Agriculture


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President, CEO

Justin Ulanoski is a graduate of King’s College with a bachelor’s in Environmental Studies. Throughout high school & college, Justin developed a passion for landscape & environment while working with a local landscape company & being actively involved with Boy Scouts of America where he obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. After college, he went on to work as an environmental scientist where he conducted wetland delineations & developed his interest in native plants & conservation. Justin joined a reforestation company, where he continued to develop his passion for conservation & native plants. During his 8.5 years with the company, Justin wrote & implemented hundreds of conservation & reforestation plans for forested riparian buffers, wetland restoration/mitigation, land & mine reclamation, & wildlife habitat projects for over 30,000 acres throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, & North Carolina. After holding the position of regional manager, Justin decided to follow his goals of forming a conservation landscape company & founded Native Creations in 2013 with a focus of bringing his knowledge of native plants into residential & commercial landscapes, as well as continuing to install forested riparian buffers for conservation benefits. 

Since the formation of Native Creations , they have been planting riparian buffers with numerous conservancies and conservation partners throughout Northeast and Central Pennsylvania and have written numerous conservation plans, implementing hundreds of acres of riparian buffers, pollinator meadows & wildlife habitat plantings. They have also written & implemented numerous residential & commercial landscape plans with native plant species. 

As of 2018, Justin obtained Level 1 Certification for conservation landscape installation & verification under the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) in order to further his understanding and commitment of designing and implementing sustainable landscapes as well as implementation, inspection, and design of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). Currently, Justin has also become a trainer for the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council.

Our Services

Landscape project planning and installation

Landscape cleanup and maintenance

Vegetation/invasive management

Licensed herbicide applications

Conservation and wildlife habitat plans and installations

Agroforestry plans and installation

Wildflower/pollinator garden and meadow installation

Hardscape Projects (Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls)

Brush Removal

Snow & Ice Management

Wetland Delineations

Habitat Restoration

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The focus of Native Creations Landscape Services is to bring native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous vegetation into residential and commercial landscape projects, creating a better, natural landscape for the customer and neighboring ecosystems.

Over a decade of implementing thousands of acres of reforested natural landscapes, accompanied by an environmental education and years of landscape experience, has allowed us to observe the effects that invasive, non-native plant species have had on natural ecosystems.

With this background we have created a niche in the landscape and conservation industry, emphasizing the need for change in the way we view residential and commercial landscape projects.

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